Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Five Great Songs For Labor Day

Once again Labor Day will be rolling around, and here are 5 songs that I think reflect the spirit of Labor Day and why.

Allentown by Billy Joel really tells the story of the modern worker. We have been made promises, but nobody seems to be keeping up their end of the deal. While the song doesn’t offer much hope, it does show how many workers feel. They feel left behind by the politicians, businessmen, and the unions.

My Home Town by Bruce Springsteen is a song about how the closing of businesses is towns is killing our small towns. Springsteen’s lyrics talk about how you can see the changes in a small town just by driving through it.

Chain Gang The Pretenders
While this song wasn’t really written for workers, it does fit the theme.  It’s about the loss of a good friend and for many workers in this new economy we’ve lost the stability in our jobs that we once knew.

Working 9 to 5 Dolly Parton
Dolly sings the workers anthem. She tells how hard it is to stay motivated, and how workers are barely able to survive on what they are making. But somehow they manage to keep their dreams.

She Works Hard for the Money Donna Summer
Donna sings about how even though many individuals don’t see a person’s job as important. The job is important to the worker. She sings about an individual who shows up and works hard for not much money. She is unappreciated and overworked, but she knows she’s needed so she goes to work and works hard for the money.

Did I leave out any songs that are fit for Labor Day?


  1. This wonderful list is music to my ears! Thanks for sharing!


  2. John Mellencamps Small Town is also along those kinds of songs as the first 2. All of these listed are great!