Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rosie the Maid

Remember Rosie the Maid from The Jetsons? Remember how the show kind of promised us all a robot maid in the future? I’ve been looking forward to this all of my life. I’ve had so many tasks that I wanted Rosie the Maid to complete for me. But I have to admit there is one chore above all that would be given to Rosie immediately. You see I love my cats, but there is a down side to owning cats. You have to change the box.

I’ve never understood how such small animals can create such a mess. The boys aren’t very tidy in the box, and this does seem to frustrate the queen of the house. And she feels she needs to dig her way to China every time she gets in the box. I believe she does this to try and make up for the boys lack of tidiness. But the litter does go a flying when she begins her digging. There is litter flying around in the box, and well of course as it flies some of it goes out of the box. The box is a pain. But it is oh so necessary to maintain because the little queen doesn’t like it if her box isn’t tidied every day. And she lets you know by leaving you surprises.

So you see, I need Rosie the Maid. She would be an essential part of my household. And I hope that the promise of a robot maid comes true soon.

Music to blog by the theme from The Jetsons


  1. I think I need Rosie as well!

    Enjoyed reading your post, and yes sometimes little things you need to do add so much to your day, that you simply don't know where the day went, that's how I feel sometimes.

  2. Oh I liked Rosie and wanted Rosie in my house