Friday, August 22, 2014

Spirit of Peace

We all hear the news about all of wars going on in the world. People are asking for peace talks and cease fires. John Lennon told us to Give Peace a Chance. But what so many people don’t realize is peace is actually a state of mind. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s a decision we all make. The spirit of peace is available to everyone; we just have to seek it out a little.

Having a spirit of peace doesn’t mean that you just let individuals walk all over you. It means that you are able to set limits in your life. It means that you have a sense of what is right and wrong. And that you are willing not to do something you know is wrong. Having a spirit of peace allows individuals to let go of things that aren’t that important. And to let others know when you think something is important.

So many of you may be thinking why are you rambling on about the spirit of peace? You see I recently read about this artist named Shannon McGough who over the course of 365 day painted a peace sign on a canvas. That is one peace sign each and every day of the year. It’s her contribution to the 5th annual call for artists through The Peace Project. There are loads of entries, and you can vote on them. So maybe this weekend, you might want to take a break from Pinterest. You might want to take a look at artwork that makes you think, and vote for the one you like the best.

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