Tuesday, August 19, 2014


In recent years it has been cool to be a nerd. It’s fashionable to adorn geek attire. But there was a time when geek was not fashionable. Nerds were teased, and picked on. But somehow they have always been lovable in the movies, so who is the Supernerd of the movies?

Here are the nominees

George Mcfly from Back to the Future Do you remember seeing how wimpy Marty’s dad was in Back to the Future? Remember how the bullies picked on George? Remember how George just didn’t fight back. He was a nerd and like so many nerds he took the abuse that was dished out to him. He just simply lived through it.

C-3PO from Star Wars Yes, C-3PO is everything that is annoying in a nerd. He is smart, and he knows it. He provides way too much information even if it’s needed nobody wants to hear what he says. He offers so much information that often individuals don’t listen to him even though it’s to  their benefit.

Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of The Rings We all know him as Sam. He is gardener, and really doesn’t have a very adventuresome life. He inherited his job from his father, and well he just hangs out at shire at the beginning of the story. But Sam has always had a love for fantastic stories. He is the gardening nerd that ends up replanting forests.

Wayne Szalinski from Honey I Shrunk the Kids Wayne is the nerd who is so involved in the world that he has created that he totally misses what is going on in his real life.  But he is creative, and well kind of lovable to.

So which of these is the supernerd? Or do you have another nominee that should the title.

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