Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Roxanna Music Review

Roxanna is a new performer from Canada. She has recently released her debut album called Exotica. And anybody who hears this singer’s voice will have to admit that her voice is beautiful. The music is relaxing, and would probably be categorized in the contemporary adult category.
Roxanna’s journey to recording isn’t your typical journey. As a child in Iran she enjoyed singing, and she comforted her patients as a nurse by singing to them. It was after doing this someone suggested that she pursue a profession in music. And she teamed up with producer Mark Portmann on this album.

So now you know a little bit about her. What about her music? Her beautiful voice is perfect for ballads. And many of the songs on the album utilize Spanish guitar to provide a romantic and soft feel to the music.

For fans of 80’s music, you’ll be pleased that she has done a cover version of Lionel Richie’s Hello. She hasn’t attempted to alter the song too much. She has added Spanish guitar in place of much of the keyboard work that was in the original song. I believe that fans of the song will enjoy listening to it. The album also includes a cover of Julio Iglesias’ El Amor which is showcases her talent.
But my absolute favorite song on the album is Here with Me. The lyrics of the song are based on a book of Farsi poetry translated into English. They are touching. And I love how the trumpet was used in the song. It just adds something special to the song. And I just like that Roxanna has brought something from her homeland to the music scene. She has combined the two worlds beautifully.

Okay, so who will enjoy this music? Women who enjoy romantic music will definitely enjoy this music. As I was listening to the music, I immediately thought of my friend Michelle. My friend Michelle passed away several years ago, but I clearly had an image of her singing along to these songs, and crying over the lyrics. Anybody who reads this and knew Michelle will know exactly what type of music is right now. And fans of Celine Dion’s music will also enjoy this album.

Faithful followers of my blog, make sure you listen to Roxanna’s music and let me know what you think. I think that many of you will be adding her music to your playlists because the girl has talent.

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