Friday, September 26, 2014

Sensing Fall

There are times when your senses start to come alive. You just know something different is in the air. Recently, I’ve been sensing fall. Yes, I realized that it was fall on the first day of autumn. But my senses have been alive seeing the changes in the world around me and I wondered what are those things that I’m sensing that are different?

First, I saw the school bus stop sign out on my way to work in the afternoon. That wasn’t going on a couple of months ago.

Then I was driving in the country, and someone had a small batch of leaves burning. No, it wasn’t just trash they were burning it had the distinct scent of leaves. You know the dry woody smell that is slightly different from wood.

I’ve started to hear talk about all of the new fall shows. And yes, I am going to see if Madame Secretary is as good as people are saying.

I was able to taste a fresh apple picked right off of a tree. It was so crisp and tasty.

And last, when I get up in the morning there is a slight chill in the air. Even though the days are warm you can feel the chill that will be with us all soon.

Music to blog by Frankenstein Baby by Mad Jack and the Hatters

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  1. I would love to eat an apple straight off the tree but no apple trees around here

  2. Lovely apple tree! We have been sensing fall at our place, too. I love this time of the year!