Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The First Day of Fifth Grade

Ah, yes, this time of year brings back memories. And like many people fall memories bring back days of going back to school. I always think of the first day of fifth grade this time of year.

This is the scene of our story.

Yes, the first day of school at a new school. The school was Susan B. Lindgren elementary school. My father dropped me off at school. And I entered my class. Mr. Johnson was the teacher. The day progressed normally, and I was introduced to my new classroom, and my fellow students.

The problem really began when I was dropped off at school. I had a little problem listening to all of the instructions while I was growing up. So I missed the part of the good-bye when my dad said he would pick me up after school. We had only lived in the neighborhood for a couple of days. We moved from Duluth, MN to St. Louis Park, MN the week before.

As I said earlier, I spent the day at school. It was a normal first day back in school. Then the bell rang, and school was out. I went outside with my classmates. Everyone began walking home. So I thought I should do what my classmates did. I began to walk. If you remember we had only lived in the neighborhood for a couple of days. And well the school was ten blocks from my new home. I walked and talked to my fellow students. And one by one they began going into their homes. And then it was just me walking down the streets. I looked for my new home, but it didn’t seem to be anywhere around. So I walked some more. I still didn’t know where my home was. I kept walking and walking and walking and still couldn’t find my house. Soon a familiar face appeared in a car driving down the street. It was my dad he found me three blocks over from our house, and he gave me a ride home. I wandered those streets for three hours. I must have walked in circles. But one thing was for sure. I got to see plenty of my new neighborhood on the first day of fifth grade.

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  1. What a gripping read! Glad your Dad found you in the end. xxx