Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Red Flag

Sometimes you are talking to a person, and all of the sudden they say something and you literally see a red flag. You know everything in you starts screaming watch out trouble is ahead. I had one of those incidents today.

I was speaking to someone today, and that person stated, you can’t trust those two, but you can trust me. Now, I have known the three individuals for a few months. They aren’t people I’ve known forever, but it’s long enough to know a little bit about their behavior. And when the individual made that statement, I immediately stopped what I was doing because I saw that red flag. I immediately thought oh, no, she did not just say that. This is so high school, and I am so out of high school. But she did. It was my choice how to handle the statement. This could lead to a confrontation or it could go smoothly. I could say something or just choose to ignore her. I decided to simply say that hasn’t been my experience. And the individual went on to another topic.

It felt to me that the individual who made that red flag statement was just trying to stir up trouble. And I knew from the past, that someone who talks bad about other individuals will not just talk bad about one person, they will talk bad about me. I felt as though she wanted me to say something bad about those individuals so that she could go and tell others what I said. I also know that I don’t like talking bad about other people. It never makes me feel good about myself. So I feel pretty good, that for once in my life, I finally paid attention when I saw that red flag. I have finally learned that a conversation takes two people. And I finally figured out that I just shouldn’t participate in that conversation because it’s leading nowhere positive.

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