Monday, October 20, 2014

Serial Killer in Indiana

When I read the news today, I saw a headline that stated there was a serial killer in NW Indiana. This immediately caught my attention. I live in NE Indiana, so that story is close to home. What is going on? This isn't supposed to happen anywhere near where I live. But apparently seven women who are from the Gary, Indiana area have been murdered. And there may be more.

The man who is in custody and being held as a person of interest possibly a suspect by the time I write this is supposedly being cooperative with the police. He is providing information to lead them to victims. As I was reading the story, I found myself wanting to know more about the individual that was providing the information. But then after a couple of minutes I thought to myself that's kind of messed up thinking. Shouldn't I be thinking of the victims? I mean they are the ones who are really important in this story.

I read the names of two of the women who have been identified, and I thought about them. I thought about how difficult this must be for them. I thought about how frightened these women must have been at the time of their death. I thought about how much family members and friends of the individuals will miss them. And I thought about what might these women have offered the world had they not been murdered.

So to the friends and family members of Afrikka Hardy, Anith Jones and the five other women who are yet to be identified, you are in the thoughts and prayers of me and hopefully my faithful followers.

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