Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sibefor Music Review

Sibefor is a band based out of Saint Petersburg Russia that has been around since 2010. Sibefor’s goal has always been to create unusual music. And they have succeeded. The band is influenced by System of a Down and Incubus. So this isn’t music for those who are looking for silly little love songs. Some people will love it, and some people will feel threatened by it. And I think that is what the band wants.

So what about the music? The music has a real dark feel to it. It has a lot of minor keys, and dischord. It moves from slow to fast like a lot of the music from the alternative genre. The melody of the song Forbidden Fruit reminded me a little of the song Rooster by Alice in Chains. The lyrics express how an individual who doesn’t fit into the mainstream often feels. How society often teaches people to hate individuals who don’t fit in to the norm. It’s powerful stuff, and the video is meant to shock individuals. But it fits well with the theme of the song, and it has a real professional style to it.

The song of Sibefor’s that I like the most is Rise Tonight. The melody is great. And the line I will find and find all this for what I was fighting. Alternative music often gets knocked for being negative, but this song isn’t. The lyrics are pretty positive I think. It’s an affirmation that they’ll get what they want.

I also really like that these guys haven’t given up their roots in the alternative music world. Instead of adding things that would make it more commercially successful, they have stuck with what works for them. That DIY attitude definitely is part of this bands attitude. They are doing what bands need to do working hard to create a fans based on their music. I really hope this band receives more attention in the alternative music scene because they really deserve it.

Check out their music and their videos, but watch with an open mind. Beause that’s what the band is encouraging.

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  1. I like this!!! I love system of a down and incubus. Very unusual video but its cool!