Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trick or Treat Safety

Halloween will be here before we all know it. There will be parties. There will be costumes. And of course there will be trick or treating. Here are a few Trick or Treat safety tips for all of you who will be trick or treating this year.

Accompany Your Children

It's common sense in this day and age. If your children are going to be going to the homes of strangers, you should accompany them. While most people would never dream of doing anything to hurt another individual. Occasionally there is an individual who would cause your child harm.

Encourage Good Pedestrian Skills
Your children will be excited to be trick or treating. But not all the drivers will be using caution. Make sure to encourage children to stop and look before they cross the street. And of course they need to use the sidewalks when they can.

Use Reflectors

If you are going to be out after dark trick or treating, use those reflector strips on costumes or pick up so glow sticks so that they can be seen by drivers.

Check the Treats

While the razor in an apple is an urban myth, it is best to look through the treats that your children receive. It's best to know exactly what your children will be gorging on the next few days.

 Wear Costumes That Fit

Yes, this will prevent you from tripping when you walk. If masks fit properly you will also be able to see and once again avoid tripping.

While most of these tips are common sense, don't throw caution to the wind. Follow them so that you and your children have a fun time trick or treating.

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