Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Kind of Want To Stay Close To Home

I had plans to meet a friend yesterday evening. When I contacted my friend to find out if we were still on for dinner, she informed me that she kind of wanted to stay close to home. She asked if I could meet her at her home. This sounded like a reasonable request. And I was secretly saying to myself I hope she isn't sick because I don't want to be around someone that is sick. I don't have time to get sick.

But when I met her at her house she informed me that she was a little worried about things. Over the past few months she has stated that she thought the pharmacy was shorting her on a prescription. That does happen, they are human they make mistakes. That didn't seem to be the problem. She couldn't figure out why she didn't have enough pills to make it through to her next appointment with the doctor.

She got a lockbox and locked up the medication. And she still didn't have enough pills to make it through to her next doctors appointment. So she borrowed a video recorder, and recorded a few days while she was at work. Low and behold the camera showed an individual coming into her apartment and opening the lockbox with her medication and going through the medication.

She was understandably upset. She was also scared. And she stated that she was feeling paranoid. I told her that she wasn't being paranoid. Someone came into her home and took some of her belongings. A belonging that she needed in order to maintain her health. Her living space had been violated. That's not paranoia.

I really felt for my friend. She is a good person and deserves better than this in life. I was angry because someone had taken something she needed in order to maintain good health. And I also how she felt. Someone broke into my home a couple of years ago. They didn't steal anything as important as medication, they stole my television. It was discouraging and frustrating. I just didn't feel comfortable in my home for a period of time. I didn't know if they would come back for a second round. I felt a little jumpy when I heard noises in my home. And I became a little suspicious of my neighbors. And yes there were times like my friend when I was being paranoid. The truth is it was just a natural reaction. I was afraid and  my senses were in overdrive because of the fear. And in time this decreased to a normal level.

Have any of you had the experience of someone breaking into your home? If so how did you feel when it happened? And how did you deal with those emotions.

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  1. Very expressive and moving story !! I had that experience many years ago when he was still alive sharing an apartment with other people!

  2. I have never had anyone break into my home but think it would be a terrible feeling, my daughter was broken into a few times when she lived in one flat, and my great aunt was robbed a few times while she was home asleep at night and that is really scary it was a good thing she didn't wake up while the thieves were there