Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mysteries of the Work Force

Throughout my working career at various employers, I have noticed that there are several mysteries that are constant at any workplace. Here are some of the mysteries I have observed, and well maybe some solutions.


Why is it no matter where you work there is never enough staff during the busy seasons? Employers you know every year when your busy seasons are, hire some extra people in time for them to be trained properly to do the work. Don't wait until the busy season to hire them. And hiring managers make sure you give individuals the right information about the positions you are hiring for. If you expect people to work odd shifts make sure they know it ahead of time. All they do is quit when they start getting jerked around.


Why would a person like me ever want to wear a uniform? I mean uniforms are not a good fashion statement. And nobody looks good in their work uniform. And employers if you have a dress code provide some sort of compensation for the clothes we have to purchase because you said so.

Employers please define what you mean by temporary worker. My definition of a temporary job means three to six months. But I have known people that have been temporary workers for two years. Is that really temporary? And shuffling off someone to another department to work so you can consider them a temp isn't cool. Your playing with the rules. If a person is good enough to be a temp for six months then they are good enough to be permanent employees. In whatever department you assign them to.


Why do I always hear that's not my job wherever I work? Supervisors, yes it is your job to answer my questions about my work schedule. Co-workers, it is your job to help the new person learn how to do their job. Don't complain because they don't know how to go ahead and do the little things. They probably don't know what they need to do. And most people don't go to a job because they want to; they go because they need the money to pay their bills. So work together. It's just easier.

So what mysteries of the workforce have all of you encountered? And is there a solution to the mysteries?

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  1. Many companies have uniforms it is just part of working you can only hope that it is not a uniform that makes you look stupid