Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oil Boom

I've always found it surprising that National Public Radio can be such a source of diverse music. It seems to be able to pick up those little known bands that have put out quality music. And gives them some of that well deserved publicity they need. Oil Boom is one of those bands.

Oil Boom is a Dallas based band. The band has a garage sound with some pop overtones. The trio is busy building a fan base and putting together some great music. I really like how this band has combined some sounds from the past to develop their own modern feel. The song Fiftease is my favorite song on their new album Red Metal. The lyrics include the sho-bop sho-bop which makes you think of those classic songs from the early rock n roll. The bass in the song makes it sound like a rockabilly song. But as the song goes on they add some extra feedback to he guitar which reminded me of some of the music from he 60's when hey wanted to add a rougher edge to their music.

The band is diverse too. The song The Sneak Tip is as nothing like rockabilly. It has that hard garage band guitar and bass thing going on. It's fast paced and well it will make you want to dance.

I'm sure that this band will be around for awhile and I really hope that I am able to see them play at some point because the music I've heard on their release is sure to make for a great live show.

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