Monday, November 24, 2014

The Great Thanksgiving Stuffing Incident

There are so many things to look forward to about Thanksgiving. There is the parade, the football, the time with the family. And if you're my sister in law, Kris, there is the stuffing.

This is Kris. She is the center of this Thanksgiving stuffing story.
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Yes, she is a stuffing lover. A couple of years ago I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my brother and his family. Kris got up early on Thanksgiving like so many individuals and began the annual preparations. The bird needed to be prepared and of course stuffed.

She labored over the stuffing. She proclaimed how much she loved stuffing. Her eyes had a dreamy quality. She was dreaming of tasting that stuffing. She had a content look on her face. Her labor over the stuffing was one of love.
Throughout the morning the aroma of the turkey filled the house. Finally the bird was done and the stuffing could be removed. Kris placed the stuffing in a glass bowl. She was so looking forward to this stuffing. The bowl was set aside and the carving began. Then things went all wrong. The was a loud shattering sound. We all looked around. The stuffing bowl had been placed on the stove top, and well it was on a burner. And the burner had been left on. This is the movie scene that flashed through my mind


The look of disgust was like that of the father in A Christmas Story. And I wondered if she would burst into tears like the mother. Kris is a tough northern girl, and she was not giving up on her stuffing. Once the initial shock was over she ran to her precious stuffing. Could any be salvaged? We dared not laugh. And the oh, no's rang through the house. Kris inspected the bowl. Yes, as she examined the bowl she stated that it had cracked along the bottom of the bowl so the stuffing at the top of the bowl was safe. It would be possible for each of us to have some stuffing at Thanksgiving.
As friends and I texted each other about family fiascos. The Thanksgiving stuffing incident was deemed the winner of story of the year.

To all of you stuffing lovers out there may this Thanksgiving be free of stuffing disasters.

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  1. I laughed - I cried. Great story - so sorry for Kris - hopefully this year you will all be able to have an entire bowl of stuffing.
    PS - that scene from Christmas Story is one of my favorite scenes!

  2. I've lots count of the number if times I've scraped the good bit off the top, or bottom depending on what the disaster entailed, following a lot of hard work in the kitchen!
    We also employ the 5 second rule a lot in our house! I bet it was the most delicious stuffing EVER though.
    I have a couple of expressions stuck in my mind now - Waste not want not - no use crying over spilt milk - what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve over!

  3. Oh no! It is times like these when the 'open concept' kitchen shows it's flaws. In olden days that kitchen door would have slammed shut and no one would be the wiser! lol!