Friday, November 21, 2014

The 69 Cats

Did you ever watch the show True Blood? You know the one about vampires?

If you did you remember that opening song with the lyrics I want to do bad things to you. I always knew the song was a great intro song for the show, but I never knew who recorded the song until well yesterday. I found out it was the band The 69 Cats.

So what makes this band so appealing? For me it's that voice. Jyrki69 is the person behind that voice. The voice is deep, it's rich, it's spooky! Then of course there is the bass in the music. Chopper Franklin is the bassist. Punk fans probably know the name he's from that famous band The Cramps. And then there is Danny B. Harvey on guitar. It has that perfect twang. And the heartbeat of the band on drums is Clem Burke. So the band has a solid lineup of experienced musicians. Many of the songs they play are covers of well known songs that include; People are Strange, Sweet Transvestite, and Runaway. They classify themselves as a dark rockabilly band. And I would say that's a pretty good match. The songs they play are traditional songs with a dark feeling and of course that great rockabilly sound. The band just focuses on having a good time with the music they play. And they do a great cover of She's Not You that has Wanda Jackson.
I guess the point of all this is I'm now a fan of The 69 Cats and I hope you all like their music as much as I do. Check out their website and maybe you can see them play live.
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  1. Thanks, Heidi! You have introduced me to yet another great band! The lead singer reminds me of Johnny Cash. 'Love that voice! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures