Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Cat Outside The Door

This is Bobaloo. I've managed to get some time on the computer.

And well I have news for everyone. There is a strange cat living in our yard. In fact the cat outside the door is trying to move in. I have sat at my window, and I have observed this feline. She has been observing me too. And I believe this is why she wants to move into our home. My roommates and I have discussed the possibility of a new roommate and we are against it. This may sound a bit selfish. But each of us strive to get quality attention from our pet human, and adding another feline to the mix would just make our struggle more difficult. I do feel for her. Yes, I do believe the cat outside the door is a female. I once was a lost kitten myself. I know that it is difficult to find a new home. And that you must be a little demanding in order to get one. I know that our pet human is kind and would love to assist this foreign feline, but we have made our expectations known. And she fully understands that another feline will not do. Captain has announced to the cat outside our door that she must not come in. He was not pleasant about it either. He let her know that this is our house. He told her that the inn is all full. I felt a little bad about this, I understand that she is cold and hungry. Once again our pet human has provided her with some food. Even though we tell her she will not go away if she is fed. That pet human just doesn't listen. But I would like for this feline to find a warm home to live in. She does seem to understand that being indoors is so much better than being outdoors when it is cold. If you know of anyone that is looking for a feline to keep them company please let one of know so that we can help this homeless cat.

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  1. I agree with your human is fueling the desire for this feline to stay at your door, I wonder where this will go. Hope your human can stop y and share in my #WW this week.
    Have a purfect day!! http://ohmyheartsiegirl.com/wordless-wednesday-31/karren

  2. The poor little kitty sitting outside thinking that you kitties have it good with a loving pet human to care for you and make your life so good

  3. Awww hopefully someone will adopt her as the weather can be brutal at this time of the year. Goodluck to everyone.