Thursday, December 18, 2014

I Dodged a Bullet

Have you ever had one of those times when you have an assignment at work, and you think that's not fair. You are getting ready to say that isn't right. And something tells you this isn't the time to say anything. That's what happened to me last week, and I dodged a bullet.

I have had to work every Saturday afternoons for several months. It gets kind of old so I was excited when a new person was hired at my job. I thought finally I will get a couple of Saturday afternoons off. We could rotate the Saturday afternoons. I thought for sure I would have last Saturday afternoon off, but I was scheduled to work. I thought to myself this is unfair. I am tired of being here on Saturday afternoons. I was getting ready to tell my boss, and something told me don't say anything this time. So I kept my mouth shut.

I went into work on Saturday afternoon, and I found out that the morning did not go well. There was more work than could be done on time, and the machines that were supposed to assist us were not working correctly. The afternoon went smoothly. I didn't have to deal with the chaos they experienced in the morning. So I guess the point is sometimes it's best to let things be. It's just knowing when you need to say something and when you should be quiet that is the difficult thing.

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  1. I still believe that you can be diplomatic and express some concern that the new person isn't taking on the weekend load. People can take advantage unless you speak up.