Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Auschwitz Survivors

Dear Auschwitz Survivors:

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Many people call it an anniversary, but I believe it is more like a birthday for all of you. It is the day that you were able to start a different life than the one that was forced on you. So in a way you were reborn.

Survivors on liberation day
That day you were liberated must have been one of the most emotional in your lives. Finally, the suffering you went through would end. But then there must have also been feelings of anger and sadness. All of you had lost so much. You lost your childhood. You lost people you loved. And there was absolutely no reason for these losses. I can't imagine what it was like trying to adjust to how the real world operates again.

Survivor of the Holocaust

Each of you that are living is a testament that evil does not have to win. Your long lives remind me that even though we have faced enormous challenges in our lives. Those challenges don't have to be the end of our lives. You all have lived full lives. And you remind us that we can not allow hatred to overtake our society. You remind us of what can happen when we overlook the small things that are going wrong in our world.
So to each of you survivors may life present you with joy and happiness. And to the rest of the world we must never forget the events that occurred in these individuals lives so that they aren't repeated.

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