Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tongues Will Wag

I received a link to some news today about someone I know. Not really a friend, but someone I know. The news had some fairly serious allegations connected to it. My first reaction to the news was Wow!
Part of me wanted to know more. But something kept telling me that I should just keep quiet and not ask about the situation. I had to ask myself if I would people talking about me if allegations were made against me. The answer to me was simple. No, I would not want people talking about me.

I wondered to myself if I should contact the individual. And the answer I came up with was no. I decided that what I had say even though they were not judgmental to me might be taken wrong. So that was not the path I decided on. I simply decided that the truth will come out. Either the allegations are true. I hope they are not. Or the individual made a mistake. And we've all made mistakes.

So even though tongues will wag it doesn't mean that mine has to.

Music to blog by Brothers by The Black Keys


  1. Lovely, thanks for sharing! <3

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  2. Black keys is one of my favorite bands

  3. Love this. If only everyone had this same way of thinking, this world could be so much better!