Sunday, February 1, 2015

Celebrating Freedom

I saw this picture today. At first I thought who forgot to invite me to this party because it looks like a great party. So I decided I wanted to know a little bit more about this photo. I found out that the picture was taken in 1980 by John Maulaka in Zimbabwe. So that probably explains why I wasn't invited to the party. But then I read that these women were celebrating. They were actually celebrating the first day of Zimbabwe's independence from the British. They were celebrating freedom.
We always hear that we shouldn't take our freedom for granted, and there is an inner groan that takes place a lot of times when I hear someone say this. But as I looked at this picture I realized with an inner groan, that it's true. We really do take our freedom for granted.
I realized that there are people who would do pretty much anything to have the freedom I have to get up each morning and go to work. Going to work is not one of those freedoms I am celebrating this morning. There bloggers who would celebrate the freedom to say what they want on their blog. Just ask Raif Baddawi how precious that freedom is. He was sentenced to 1,000 lashes in Saudi Arabia for insulting Islam on his blog.
So today is Freedom Day according to the weird holidays calendar, don't forget to celebrate your freedom like these women in Zimbabwe did when they received theirs.
Music to blog by Ordinary Love by U2 


  1. I was born in an independent India but not many years before my birth, my country was ruled by the British. The stories of the fight for independence make you realize how blessed we are to be free. Such celebration is totally worth it.