Saturday, March 7, 2015

Turn That Knob

Yes, something happened last week that I have not been able to speak about for a week. It was traumatic. But time has passed and I am now able to speak about it. 

You see, I, Captain, am a good pet human owner. I have trained my human well.  I have trained her so that when I give her the look she responds to my command.
So last week my pet human arrived home. I greeted her at the door as a good feline always does. I followed her through the house since it had been several hours since we were together. We went into the bathroom. I always enjoy going into the bathroom with my pet because it is in this room that I am able to use my feline powers to command my pet to turn that knob. Yes, that magical knob in the bathroom. The one where I can get fresh water as it comes from its source. I believe my pet calls it the faucet.
So on this evening I gave her the look. She knows from past training sessions that when I sit in the bathtub and give her the command she is to turn that knob. Upon the first look she ignored me. I was irritated! In order to get my point across I swayed my tail in just the right way so it would knock something off of the side of the bathtub. And I gave her the look again. This time she sighed. You know that sigh that humans give. The one where they are really saying oh, alright if that's what you really want. But after the sigh she reached over and turned that knob.
She turned the knob and nothing happened. Sometimes I wonder about the intelligence level of my pet. How could she screw this simple task up? I mean really. You just turn the knob. So she did it again, still nothing. She said Sorry Captain. That must be why the water department trucks are out in the street. They have turned off everyone's water.
Now, this is one excuse that I've never heard before. But she persisted with this excuse. There would be no fresh cool water from the faucet at this moment. I went about my business and laid down to take a nap in the living room. Then there was a ka-fush gurgle gurgle sound.  I jumped from my lying position to all fours. That sound was horrible. Something was very wrong. But my human seemed happy!
She went into the bathroom. So naturally I followed her. I was excited she turned the knob on the bathtub. So I naturally got over there to get a drink of fresh cool water. But something was once again very wrong. The water was not clear as normal. It was a brownish red. I immediately gave her the now you know I'm not going to put up with that look. I was not going to drink anything like that. It was horrible. The human simply replied to my look with the statement it's going to take a little while for all of that to flush out.
So the trauma is that there was no fresh water coming from the faucet for me that day. In fact it took a couple of days for it to really look and taste normal again.
One thing is certain if I am going to begin demanding that my pet human keep bottled water on hand for me in case those nasty water department trucks return.


  1. Isn't funny how they have us trained? It's not only cats that do that, my dog has us trained too.

  2. Oh my goodness - I was so worried that something happened to your cat from drinking that water. Beautifully written but I was at the edge of my seat the entire time worried that the next line was going to be: "My pet human had to rush me to the vet" - I'm glad all is well now.

  3. Oh no water is so annoying, it wasn't your pet human's fault though