Sunday, April 12, 2015

Birds of Chicago Band

There are just some bands that you can't pigeon hole. Birds of Chicago is one of those bands. Their music sounds a little bit country, a little bit folksy, a little bit bluesy, and a little bit soulful.

The first song I heard by this band was I Have Heard Words. So what did I like about this song? I like the melody. It's a little sad, but pretty. I like the lyrics, they go well with the melody. I like the voices of the performers. But what I really like is that they added a clarinet to the song. It's not what you normally hear in a song. And it added a little something special to the song.

JT Nero and Allison Russell are the voices of Birds of Chicago. And when I listened to the song Flying Dreams I thought what a cool thing to wish for someone. It's a little more than wish someone sweet dreams. It's wishing that someone will have everything that dreams offer.

So now that you've heard a couple of their songs, tell me what you think of their music.

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  1. Thanks for this, I love finding new (to me) music!

  2. Liked the music never heard any of these before