Monday, April 13, 2015

Celebrating the Good Things

Life is full of big moments and then it is full of small moments. It's time to celebrate the good things in life once again.

The first thing to celebrate is warmer weather. Every spring I am amazed at how much less time it takes me to get ready in the morning. The reason is I don't have to run outside and start the car to warm it up before I go anywhere. I don't have to take all the extra time to put on a coat, boots, mittens, and a hat before I go out. It's like extra free time.

The second thing kind of goes along with the first. With spring comes the time to put away all of those sweaters and sweatshirts. I kind of get a new wardrobe. And of course I am able to figure out whether or not I need to go shopping for new clothes. Once again I need to start looking for a new pair of shoes to wear to work. Why am I so hard on my shoes at work?

Next up is yard work. Yes, it is one of those things that I put off doing. But I find that when I am out doing the yard work I actually kind of enjoy it. I really enjoy when feeling the sun shine down on me. And in some ways I enjoy going out when it's a little rainy. And I'm amazed at how one little acorn was able to take hold years and years ago always produces so much work for me in my yard. Do oak trees ever stop shedding leaves?

Lastly, I am celebrating that I had one of those days when I felt like going with the flow. You know when you go into work and someone isn't there. There are days when it would just make me crazy upset. But today I was able to just say okay, and do what I needed to do in order to get the work completed.

What things are you celebrating today?


  1. I do love the warm weather. Do you walk a lot at work? I ask b/c you should replace your shoes every 500 miles, so for me it's every 6 months since I walk a lot at work.

    I'm celebrating getting more daisies for my flower patch in front of my porch.

    1. I walk a lot at work. I end up buying new shoes about every three months.

  2. I was noticing today how the grass is so green and the flowers are blooming instead of everything being so brown and barren. It just makes you happier.

  3. I am celebrating spring wildflowers, and that I am back on my regular schedule after working the overnight shift for a few weeks.

  4. Lovely! I am celebrating Spring Hikes! We love getting out into nature and seeing the newness of the flowers, the fresh plant growth, and the activity of the animals :-) Thanks for sharing at the #PartyUnderTheBigTop

  5. I too am celebrating warmer weather that finally makes it feel like Spring!! And I also got some yard work done!
    Thanks so much for your visits!

  6. We are having another nice day, warm but not hot, but the nights are getting pretty cool to cold

  7. I have been trying to celebrate the good things and I think it is important! I am so happy that the weather is getting nicer! Thank you so much for sharing this at the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!