Monday, April 6, 2015

Never Ever Hurry

This is Captain writing here.

And I need to let all of you felines out there. Never every hurry to do anything your pet human requests of you. Humans often believe that we should come immediately when we request it. They will repeat our name over and over when they want us to come near them. This is a sad attempt on their part to control us. But it is important to remember that we are not canines we are felines! And while canines will do anything a human wants. We felines know that we truly control all situations.

When your pet human call your name. Felines you should slowly turn toward them. Then slowly walk toward your human. It is very important to make your pet wait just a little. You must not let them know that you truly do want to come to them. That it has pleased you that they have called your name. When you arrive stop just out of their reach so they must come to you instead of you to them. Then you should allow them to pet you. But act very bored at first. Then after a couple of minutes begin to purr.

There are only two occasions when a feline should hurry when their pet human calls them. The first is if your pet is offering you a treat. And the second of course is for that glorious thing all felines crave Catnip!


  1. At our house, sometimes the cats hurry more than us dogs when called. We dogs tend to only come when we have nothing more important going on,

  2. Lol. Thanks Captain. For reminding the humans where they stand in the hierarchy.