Monday, June 8, 2015

Pirate's Code Review

Who doesn't love a movie full of action? What parent doesn't want a movie that is safe for their children to watch? And who doesn't like a movie that has smart kids fighting evil? When I received a copy of Pirate's Code to review I didn't know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The Story

Micky Matson finds himself a little bored after he completed his first adventure. It's been over a year since he and his friend Sully assisted with the capture of the Copperhead Gang. He begins to think that that was the only adventure he will ever have. But all of the sudden things change. He is taken away for training, and he finds out that the members of the gang that were captured have escaped from prison.

There is a new group of villains on the loose. And they have a weapon called Tesla that needs neutralized. Micky and Sully work together with a secret organization to avoid the mayhem the pirates have in store for the world.

What I Think

This movie was fun to watch. The special effects in the movie were fun. I liked how the movie mixed science in with the adventure. I believe it could inspire children to learn more about Tesla and his experiments. I also liked that the movie pointed out that anyone can be a hero. Even the most unlikely could be a hero. I like that the movie encourages teamwork. And I like that it isn't just the boys in the movie who can fend off the bad guys. It shows that girls can be smart and defend themselves.

What I didn't like about this movie is that the pirates were portrayed as being really stupid. But it is part of the humor of the movie so it really fits in with the story.

Overall, this is a fun family movie. And it could be enjoyed by everyone who enjoys a good adventure.

It's just been released on dvd so you can pick up a copy and see what you think of Pirate's Code.
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