Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Is

Summer is full of little things that are so enjoyable. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year.
Here are some of the things that make summer so great for me.

Being able to open the door and windows up in the house to get some fresh air. It just feels better to have the windows open through part of the day.

It's the great feeling of being able to walk outside barefoot. The feel of the grass on your feet, especially in the morning when it is still a little damp.
Seeing all the bright colors, and wondering just how many shades of yellow are there?
And summer is the time that you realize that things grow even though you wish they would slow down a little.
And it's time to spend time under the stars and watching a movie at the drive in. You might even learn a few Drive In Life Lessons.
And most importantly it's time to spend time with great people and make some great memories.



  1. I love drive ins!! We have one about an hour away but it plays a double feature so its worth going out there.

  2. Summer is certainly a great time to go around and explore new things.

  3. There are many options in the summer but, like you said, making memories is the most important!