Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What's Yours Is Mine

This is Captain, and I am here today to discuss the importance of sharing. In the past I have discussed my pet human's difficulties with sharing The Pillow. Sharing the pillow when she is sleeping is still a problem for us, but we are making progress. But my pet human has failed to grasp is the concept that what's yours is mine.

You see she sits down to eat, and she doesn't offer me a glance at her plate. She does not offer me a sniff. She does not offer a morsel. She does not realize that I am a connoisseur of all good food. Especially foods that are crunchy!
This led to my most recent disagreement with my pet. You see there was this box of Cheez-It's. They are crunchy, and they are a delightful snack. The box was left unattended. So I decided perhaps I could open this box of crunchy wonderfulness. I did get the box open. I am a clever feline. And I got myself some snacks. Since there was no bowl available for me to place the crackers in. I simply spread them on the floor. I was snacking away when my pet human entered the room. She exclaimed, those are mine! I simply looked at her. You felines all know the look. The one that says what is wrong with you. I haven't done anything wrong. And she began taking the crunchy goodies away. I was offended! How do I teach this human that what's yours is mine? How do I get across the lesson of sharing with this pet that I adore. If my fellow felines have any suggestions please tell me how you have taught your pets how to share.
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  1. What a beautiful cat!!! I love white cats. So cool.

  2. Humans never do get it - that's the point of being feline: you both spend a lifetime together trying to teach other how the other one thinks! Good luck!