Monday, July 27, 2015

Healthy Mango Nectarine Fruit Drink

It's summer time and fresh fruit is in abundance. It tastes great and it's healthy. Here's a recipe for a healthy mango nectarine fruit drink that is so easy to make. For those individuals who are seeking healthy alternative packed full of vitamins and nutrients this is for you. It's great for summer picnics or just a day when you are sitting around relaxing.

Here's What You Need

Coconut Water (I used Goya Coconut Water.)
1 Fresh Mango
2 Fresh Nectarines

Here's What You Do

Cut up you mango and nectarine into small pieces. Put them in a jar. Now pour some coconut water in with the fresh fruit. Put it in the refrigerator over night. The next morning you have a healthy breakfast or morning snack.

Did you know that one nectarine contains 9% of the copper that you require daily? Without copper in your diet healthy red blood cells can't be created. So nectarines can make you a little healthier and they taste great.

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  1. The mango nectarine fruit drink does look good. At first I thought it was just infused. I also didn't know about the copper. I don't usually track how much copper I need. I'll look into it, thanks!

  2. Any kind of fruit drink is a-okay with me. This looks delicious!!

  3. Oh, wow. This looks yummy! I love mango. And right now I have Apricot jam here. :)

  4. This looks so refreshing and delicious! Thank you for sharing.