Sunday, July 12, 2015

Living Hope

Our world is one that is full of individuals without hope. We hear about murders. We hear about how things will never be good again. So when I was contacted by Propeller to review a Cd called Living Hope that was being put out by a pizza joint called Pizza Ranch, I became curious. So I decided to tell them yes.

So here is a little background on the CD and its sponsor. This is the Pizza Ranch logo.
It's where the story begins. They decided to do something a little different from their everyday business of serving up pizza. They decided to deliver a message of hope. They decided that music was the way they were going to do it. So they managed to gather a group of Christian artists to form a compilation. And they decided that they would put it out at a low price of $5. The result is the compilation cd Living Hope.
The album features artists such as Michael W. Smith, Colton Dixon and Ellie Holcomb. These aren't artists that I typically listen to, but I did enjoy this cd. I really enjoyed the song by Ellie Holcomb called Hold Onto Hope. Maybe it's because I've just been pushed to the max recently, or I'm just in the mood for a little slower pace song. But the song appealed to me.

I liked some of the songs better than others, but I do believe that the owners of Pizza Ranch have achieved their goal with this compilation cd. They are sharing their belief that hope is alive.

So now that you know the story, you've heard some of the music. Go ahead and visit the site to get a copy of the cd or a digital download.

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