Monday, August 24, 2015

A Magic Pill

I recently read something that asked if you could take a magic pill in order to receive all your daily nutrition and not have to eat would you do it? Would I give up food? Could I give up food? I thought about it for a while. I came up with some pros and cons.

Using a magic pill would save so much time. Imagine the time I would save not having to go grocery shopping. I wouldn't have to cook, and clean up.
But wait a minute, I like to cook, and I really kind of like buying the groceries for the food I cook. So perhaps, that isn't that good a reason to give up food.
So if I simply had to take a nutrition pill I wouldn't have to worry about nutrition I would be receiving it all in a pill. Well yeah, that's a plus, but I would also have to give up so many wonderful tastes. I mean I would have to give up chocolate! Who can do that?
So life would become boring. It would be like those meals in The Matrix. No, no, no, I thought!
So considering these two things, I decided that I'll just keep trying to get all of the nutrients in the food I eat instead of looking for a magic pill.
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