Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Easy Turkey Roll Up Snack

Yes, it's time to start thinking about items for those school lunches. You want to send something healthy, and you want to make sure it is something your kids will eat too. This easy turkey roll up snack is perfect for a school lunch, bento box, or for that small get together with friends.

Here's What You Need

Turkey Slices
Mozzarella sticks
Fresh Basil Leaves
Sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oil

Here's What You Do

Lay the turkey slices flat. Then place a couple of basil leaves on top of the turkey. Then add the sundried tomatoes. Now, add a Mozzarella stick. Then roll up the slices and place a toothpick in the middle to secure them.

Did you know that basil is loaded with Vitamin K? Half a cup of basil has 98% of the vitamin K recommended daily. Vitamin K is essential for good bone health. And it has been shown to reduce the likelihood of bone fractures.

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  1. These look so yummy and delicious! My kids love mozz chz and turkey and would love this! Thank you for your visit and sweet comment on my blog! Have a fabulous day!
    Christine@ Cherishing a Sweet Life

  2. These snacks look so good and not too hard to put together.
    Thanks for bringing them to Fridays Blog Booster Party

  3. This is something my daughter would have loved as a child. Sun dried tomatoes weren't a thing then. But she'd do this with ham and cheese all the time.