Saturday, August 22, 2015

What Happens When You Give a Hippie Too Much Money?

So have you ever wondered what happens when you give a hippie too much money? What does a hippie's shopping spree look like? Here's a little taste of what I think it would be on that shopping spree list.

Don't these pants just scream hippie? And by the way I wouldn't mind a pair.
Does it need explanation?
When you think of hippies the scent that comes to mind is Patchouli. And that name is fun too!
I know we all think of a VW bug when it comes to hippies, but somehow I think that those die hard hippies would want a bus.
And last but not least, a trip to that hippie mecca Goa, India. 
So how do you picture those aging hippies spending their mad money?

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