Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cucumber Melon Mint Beverage

What happens when you mix some cumber, melon, and mint with some lovely coconut water? You get one really tasty beverage.

Here's What You Need
Cantaloupe Chunks
Cucumber Slices
Fresh Mint Leaves
Coconut Water
Now that you have what you need throw all of these ingredients in a jar and let them set in the fridge over night. It's a healthy breakfast or snack that you'll enjoy.
Did you know that adding fresh mint leaves to your diet is an easy way to add some folate to your diet? It's true. While you won't get all of the folate you need, by simply using some mint leaves in your cooking you can pick up 3% of what you needed daily without adding a lot of calories.


  1. I have seen the coconut water in the shops but have never tried it in any form

  2. This sounds super tasty! I must try this!