Sunday, September 13, 2015

Isolation Is Required

Remember that Ebola outbreak last year? Can you imagine what that must have been like? After you receive the initial news that you had been exposed to Ebola, you would be told that isolation is required. You have all of that free time you wanted.

In a weird way it's a wish come true. So what do you do with all of this free time? Well, there is the practical thing you need to do. Clean the house. It's something that you have been saying you want to do, but just keep putting off. Now you have the time, and well that's the first day of isolation down.

It's the next day, you realize you don't have enough food in the house for a long stay at home. You decide to make a grocery list, but once it's done you remember you can't leave the house. So you send messages to family and friends to pick the items up for you. They just have to leave it outside the door.

You decide you can catch up on all those TV shows you've been missing. Okay, so a few hours go by and now you're bored. And well it's lunch time. So you check to see if any of the items you requested are there. Of course they aren't. You think to yourself how rude of these people don't they know I'm in isolation? So you whip up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Next on the list is reading. You check around the house, and you find a book you have been meaning to read. It's good, but really you want to go to a movie with a friend. Oh yeah, you can't leave the house or see friends. So you decide you could use some of the time to catch up on some rest. You take a nap.

When you wake from the nap. You look outside and finally somebody brought some of the items you wanted from the grocery store. And I do mean some. The most important ingredient for you dinner is missing the chicken you requested. What is wrong with these people is what you think.

So you prepare another disappointing peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then of course the health officials contact you. Yes, the reason you are reminded exactly why you have all of this free time. You have been exposed to a highly contagious disease. You ask how much longer is this isolation thing going to last? They reply just a while longer. You say define please? a while is a couple of hours to me. Probably a week. What? is your reply.

Finally, someone asks if you need anything. Yes, I need some chicken so I can cook a decent meal is your reply. They just chuckle.

After your conversation with the health care worker, it occurs to you that maybe you should have put some conditions on this free time wish you had. I got loads of free time, but it isn't exactly what I thought it might be.

How do you think time in isolation might be spent by you?

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  1. Isolation is bloody great except when you are told you have to be isolated then it sucks think about all the time a body spends home alone and love it but when told you have to be isolated it suddenly sucks and you want to go out and mix with people........well I think that would be the case since I have never been told I had to be isolated from people I don't really know