Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday Wishlist

Yes, I do believe it is time to share with you some of those great things that I would love to have if I had more money to spend than I could imagine.

I've been looking around for some new hair clips. I've had the same ones for years it feels like. So I went on etsy and found this one. I love the steampunk feel about, and well you know there are loads of other Victorian and Steampunk inspired items in the shop Acranum by Aerrowae. 

I'm a sucker for bags, and well that ling bag of Michone's has lots of room for pretty much any survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse would want. And well it would be great to have it ahead of time wouldn't it?

Salts & Sugars Set

I was getting all set to cook lunch today, and I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool to have something a little different to add to the chicken. If only I had this set I would could have had a culinary adventure.

As I sit in my living room on these dreary winter days, I've realized I could use a little more light in the room. And these suit me today. I just can't decide which design I like best. 

And of course I need a new dress or rather I want a new dress. And oh, yeah that Peter Pan collar on the dress is beaded too. I want one.

This is some of what I would do with my mad money if I had money to burn right now. Which is your favorite pick.

Affiliate ads are included in this wishlist, but I really would buy all this stuff.

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