Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The War Of Words

What happens when words become jumbled? What happens when what we are trying to say comes out all jumbled? And when is the worst time for this to happen? During a war is the worst time it can happen. And how can all of the words be getting jumbled? That is what the book The War of Words by Amy Neftzger is all about.

The Story

Kelsey lives in the Orphanage of Miracles. And she is a member of the army that is fighting a war against evil. The characters find that during the battles the words of the general and the other soldiers are being jumbled. There is a magical spell at work. One that is stealing erasing words and it is causing confusion. And the characters in the book set out to find a way to break the spell.

What I Liked About The Book

This book is full of adventure an smart characters. They find themselves in some interesting situations, and they are able to solve problems. But there is a little more going on with this book, It shows just how important words are to us. It shows how a battle can go all wrong when the others misunderstand what is being said. I also like that this book a fantasy book that isn't afraid to use science. The story has shadows. And as the characters are forced to look at how shadows work. And there was one section I really liked, when one of the characters points out to another that he doesn't see the shadows because he is such a good person. And good people often find it difficult to find the bad in other individuals. Isn't that the truth?

Who Should Read This Book?

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series you may enjoy this book. It's all about children learning more about the magical world. And they are out there solving problems. Fans of the fantasy genre will also like reading this book. And it is really aimed at middle age school individuals. But I think people of all ages will enjoy it.


This book is actually part of a series. I didn't know that when I began reading the book, and I really do plan to see if I can find the first two books in the series. I liked the characters and the story is well written.


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  1. Thanks for the positive review - I'm glad that you enjoyed the book!