Friday, July 15, 2016

A Set of Minions For the Week

Wouldn't it be fun to have a set of minions in your life for a week? Imagine the possibilities, imagine the chaos, imagine what you could accomplish. With their help what is it that you would want to accomplish?

This is the deep question that I asked myself today. Yes, sometimes I spend a little too much time thinking.

At first I thought to myself, I could set in action those plans to put myself in charge of the world. We could take over. But then I reminded myself I don't really want to be in charge of anything. I just want to be in charge of myself.

So the next thing I thought I would do some sort of good project for the community at large. We could build someone a house. We could feed some hungry people. We could make a change. But I realized that real change takes more than a week. And well we all know the minions have the tendency to get a little side tracked with big projects. They all seem to go a little crazy.

The way that I would spend the week with the minions would be to clean the house and entertain them. Yes,  what I really want at this point is a really clean and organized house. The minions could help with this. Imagine the games they would play with all of those items in my house. Would they come up with a costume to wear as they helped me clean the house? And I would love to get to know just what makes each one of them tick. And really I don't know if I could actually keep them entertained, but it would sure be fun trying wouldn't it?

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  1. How many Minions are we talking? If there are only a few they would TOTALLY be taking over cooking, cleaning, and child rearing HA! More than that I could see doing some sort of service project for our school...our playground needs an upgrade and that would be a perfect job for those little guys!

    1. Imagine the great playground they could come up with. They are just a little creative.

  2. Hah! I love this! I would set them to work first cleaning the house, but maybe they would just burn it down instead... Perhaps your idea for a community service project might work best!