Saturday, July 2, 2016

Is Half Way Better Than Nothing?

It's now July. And I need to take a look at the goals I set for the month of June. How far did I go, and did I accomplish what I wanted. When I looked at my post Is It Really June?, I realized that I worked on all of my goals, but I didn't complete them. There were a few reasons for that this month. My new position at work isn't one that I am fond of, so I think I was depressed. And it kind of kicked my butt physically for a while. That may be an excuse. But it is what happened.

So here are my goals from June.

In my intro, I said that I didn't complete any of my goals. When I looked more closely at my Bath Bomb Goal, I realized I did complete one of the goals. I found some great bath bomb molds. My bombs are no longer breaking in half. And I am going crazy making them. I love working with all the scents and mixing them up. The house smells wonderful when I make them. And it's a little like building things out of sand. Now what do I do with all of these bath bombs I am making? Let me know if you want to test any of them. We can probably work out an exchange.

The second goal was to clean out the car. Well, I cleaned out the trunk, and I have made a huge effort not to allow myself to leave papers in the car. But the back seat is still a mess. So this is a half met goal.

The third goal was to work in the garden and break apart the lilies and the hostas. I did break up the lily plant. I looks much better. But I still need to break up that hosta. Once again half met.

My last goal was to learn how to make printables. I looked up a tutorial, and do you know what happened the very next day? My computer tanked out. I had to go buy a new one. And you all know how that goes. You have to get used to a new computer and how it works.

I don't know how I feel about this. I looked back and remembered that my word of the year for last year was complete. This month I didn't complete much. But I did make progress. And it's the most I could do on some days. So half way really was better than doing nothing.

So what do I want to accomplish this month? What goals should I set to myself?

Do Something For Others

As I said earlier I don't really like my new position at work. I decided that it's up to me to be happy anyway. I have found some things that I am learning to enjoy. But the best way for me to get my mind off of myself is to do something nice for someone else. I have limited time. So this month I am going to send off at least postcard to one of the children on Send Kids The World. It's inexpensive, and hopefully they it would make someone happy. Yeah, I know it's not much. But as far as planned activities that is how I want to do something for others this month. Hopefully, some other opportunities arise.

Eat More Healthy

The past couple of weeks I have found that I have made more trips to the drive thru than I should. I always feel better when I drop the fast food out of my diet. Oh, yeah, and I have more money. So this month I am going to limit the trips through the drive thru to once a week. Still too often, but it's better than I have done the past couple of weeks.

Chia Seeds

Find some great chia seed recipes. I have two pounds of chia seeds. I like chia seeds in my juice and yogurt, but I know there are loads of other ways to use them. If you have suggestions let me know.

Finding Balance

Once again I have found myself in the position where I am having difficulty finding balance in my life. I found it when I had a 32 hour a week work schedule. I got a lot accomplished. But that position doesn't exist anymore so I am back to trying to accomplish a lot in less time. How do I get enough rest, keep my house going, socialize, and make progress toward some of the dreams I have? I decided that part of it is my attitude in the last few weeks. I can be happy if I want to be even if I don't like my circumstances. This month I want to move toward getting more finished in a day. My job will provide me with time to think. But it leaves me feeling more physically drained. I will have to figure out where I go from here in order to find balance.

What are you wanting to accomplish this July?

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