Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Staying In Touch

Staying in touch with people that have been important in my life when I don't see them daily is a challenge for me. There are so many different ways to stay in contact with others. And some are just easier than others for me.

Letters I love receiving real letters in the mail. I mean that is the purpose of receiving mail isn't it? To have something meaningful put in your mailbox. It takes time to write. And well you just always feel better when you receive something important. But it does take time to write a letter. And I like everyone else alive today, just never find time to write letters to individuals.
Phones, I have to admit that I hate telephones. I've never been particularly fond of them, but it was the day that I had to spend about 14 hours on the phone with my job that I decided that if I have the chance I will eliminate it from my life. So no, this is not my means of staying in touch with individuals.

Text Messaging, I am much more successful through the use of texting. I can respond as I wish. And it doesn't have to be lengthy and drawn out. It's just easier. Text messaging is great for setting up times to meet with individuals. But not so great for things that need more time.

Now I am down to the way that I can stay in touch with individuals who live far away. And I have a love hate relationship with the instrument of this success. You see it is so easy to use facebook to stay in touch with individuals who live far away. I love it. You can send a message and get the answer later. You can keep up with individuals as they post pictures about their lives. But I absolutely hate that I get so many notifications about games and other things I don't care about.

Now you know how I prefer to keep in touch with individuals who live far away, how do you stay in touch with them?

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