Saturday, October 29, 2016

Finding Some Creative Inspiration

We're always looking for new ways to inspire us. There has to be something that just drives us to become more creative. I've always found that one of the easiest way to do this is to visit a local art gallery or museum. Recently, I decided it was time for trip to a local gallery. I decided on the Krull Gallery at the local library. It's free, but it always has something a little interesting to see.

They were running an exhibit by Gregg Coffey and Joel Fremion. These visits often encourage me to try some different things. They encourage me to see colors differently. And most importantly they encourage me to create something of my own.

I liked the colors in this one. And I also liked that this piece by Coffey used a cow. I can never really decide whether I like artwork with cows in them or not. Sometimes I look at them and I love them, but other times I just can't stand cows in art work. I can't figure it out. But I loved the colors and I really liked that it had an Asian influence. And then one thing really caught my eye. He had added Hello Kitty to the piece. How could I not like this?
It's just a small addition, but I found it the second time I looked at it. It reminded me that I always need to look at things more carefully.  Your first impressions often overlook important things.

You can't see all the details from the photo I took. But he used maps in this one. And I liked the color scheme in this too.
I think this was my favorite piece by Coffey. I like the blues and yellows in it. And I really like the scare design on the left side of the painting.
Fremion's pieces required me to look more carefully. From a first glance you think it's a painting. It's just paint on a canvas. But there was something a little different about the paint. And then I realized, it's not paint. He used fabric to create his work. It put a whole new meaning into quilting.
As I looked at this picture. I wondered about the detail. I imagine he first had to sketch the work out. And then he had to begin finding fabric to fit in with his plan. And I thought this took a lot of planning. It wasn't whipped together in a couple of hours. I really like blues and the blue in this piece caught my eye. I thought this isn't a color I would have expected to see in, and I might not have picked it. But it looked good!

My visit encouraged me to take a look at some different color schemes. It reminded me that I can incorporate all sorts my daily life. And of course that anything that is worthwhile takes time to complete.

So how are you finding your creative inspiration recently?

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  1. I admire those who are creative, in my head I am creative but in real life not so much