Sunday, October 16, 2016

Greeting Card Universe

Email is fun to receive, but there is just something special about snail mail. It takes extra time to receive something in the mail. And it takes some thought for someone to pick out a card to send you. I recently visited Greeting Card Universe to purchase a card. Here's a review of the site.

The Site

The site sells greeting cards of all kinds. There is a huge selection of cards for every occasion. I was looking for a Halloween card. And the cards were all adorable. This is the card I picked.
The card I received looks exactly like the card that was pictured on the site. And I really liked that it is printed on high quality paper. Sometimes you get cards that are a little flimsy. And the prices are comparable to the prices in local stores. You can order single cards or multiples. And you get a discount for ordering in bulk.

The site sent out my card promptly and I was notified that it had been sent. It was sent out in bubble wrap so the card arrived in great condition. There is an option to pick up the card at a Target store which may be handy if you need the card sooner than it can be mailed. There is also an option to have the card sent out to the person you are mailing to directly.

I really liked that you could personalize the card. The card I ordered allows for an image to be added to the inside of the card. I liked that! And it is fairly easy to do.

I also like that this card was printed in the USA so if you are looking for items made in the US this site is one you can purchase from.

I also really like that this site has a submission section for the artists. So if you are an artist you can pick up a little money by submitting your work. And I thought it was really great that if they did not have what you were looking for you can submit a request to the artists so they know what people are looking for.

Like I said they have a huge selection of cards, so individuals who are looking for those readers who are looking for Christmas cards make sure you check out this site. It is so easy to find what you are looking for. And it has the great convenience of internet shopping.


I did receive a free product in exchange for this review, but the opinions are all mine.

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  1. When I was younger I didn't see the point in cards except Christmas cards now I am older and wiser I do like a nice card and don't mind at times spending a little more for a nice card