Saturday, October 1, 2016

October's Movement

Another month has flown by, and well I find that it is time for me to set some new goals. Last month in my post Where Did It Go? I set my goals for the month of October. Let's see how I did with those goals.

My very first goal was to set a new exercise day. Yes, I did do this. The days have varied, but I have been exercising three days a week instead of two. Woohoo! It was an important goal. And I have found a short easy kickboxing workout that seems to be working for me.

The next thing I wanted to accomplish was to clean out that silverware drawer. It really was gross, but I did get it cleaned out. How does so much dirt accumulate in a drawer? But it is much better, and it is organized now.

I did plan out my garden as I stated I wanted to. I order some new bulbs for the garden that I am waiting on. So later this month I will be planting hyacinth bulbs. They are really beautiful flowers aren't they?

The next was to work more on my overall plan for my blog. I did that. It wasn't a huge step, but I did work on it. Once again something is better than nothing.

The month of September was a good month for me to complete goals. I completed the four goals I wanted to complete. But what should I do in the month of October?

Zentangles and Coloring

In the spring I met with some friends for the coloring and game club. With the upheaval in my work schedule that stopped. I could not meet with them. But I do miss the coloring. And in the past I have enjoyed zentangles. This month I will set aside a day out of the week to color and zentangle. I want it to be a day during the work week. That way I can have some extra relaxation time during the week.

Get New Eyeglasses

I have needed new eyeglasses for quite a while. There has either not been enough money or there has not been enough time. This month I will get those glasses.

Plant Those Bulbs

Yes, I ordered bulbs now I have to make sure they get planted. I will get that accomplished this month. I have some that I want to put in containers so I have to make sure that I pick up some dirt.

Find Out About Fuses

This is about one of those stupid attacks I had. I normally take out the fuse and take it with me to purchase a new one. For some reason I threw it away this last time. I need to figure out how you know what type of fuse to buy in order to replace one. I'm sure there is something online that will tell me. I have to look it up and find out the information.

Let me know if you have anything that you just want to get accomplished in the month of October?

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