Saturday, October 22, 2016

Parenting 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

When I was given the chance to review Paul David Tripp's book Parenting 14 Gospel Prirnciples That Can Radically Change Your Family, I was unsure whether it was a book that I was interested in reading. After all I don't have children, but we all can use advice on how to interact with others. So I decided to do a review. And I'm glad I did.

The Book

In this book Tripp presents his advice on parenting based on his theological principles. He provides advice that is plain common sense. He focuses in on using the moments that arise to teach children. He reminds readers that the child isn't what is really bad, it is their behavior that is bad. And that there is a condition that causes the bad behavior.  All of this really makes sense to me. And he encourages individuals to develop a child's character.

What I Think

Like I said earlier in the review, I was glad that I read this book. The principles that Tripp lays down in this book are not just good for parenting, but they are also good for all human interactions. I like that this book encourages parents to develop their children's character. And I really like that he points out it isn't that the temptations in the world are so big. It's that many children simply don't have the strength to avoid them. And I like that he reminds parents that they have to be well grounded themselves in order to be a parent who is able to deal with the ups and downs of parenting. This book is especially good for parents that have religious beliefs. And I really believe that many of the ideas expressed in this book would be good for individuals working with employees too.

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