Monday, October 10, 2016

Simple Taste Knife Sharpener

I was given the opportunity to review the Simple Taste Knife Sharpener I agreed to provide an honest review of the product in exchange for a free product. And I was happy to receive the product since a knife sharpener is something I have wanted for a while now.

The Product

I received this product through Amazon, but it is also available through the company website 1BYONE. The product claims that it is light and durable and able to sharpen dull knives, knives that need a finer sharpening, and ceramic knives.
The product also claims that it is easier to sharpen knives with since it has a rubber bottom, and an ergonomically correct handle.
And of course that it is lightweight so it is easy to store and use.

What I Think

As usual the big question is does it live up to it's claims. First the sharpener is lightweight so I liked that immediately. But would it sharpen a knife. I pulled out some cutlery that really needed to be sharpened. I followed the instructions in the manual that came along with the product. And it did sharpen the dull knife. I was pleased. But would it sharpen a knife that was already sharp. I tested a newer knife. I didn't really notice a big difference, but the knife was already sharp. And I don't own a ceramic knife. (But I would love one if someone wants to donate one to my cause.) So it definitely worked on a dull knife which really suited my needs.

As I sharpened the knife, the product was easy to handle. I really found that the rubber handle made it easier to hold onto. And the rubber bottom did stop the product from slipping while I was using it. I liked that.

I like that this product also provided a small manual with instructions on how to use it. I may not have used the product correctly without this manual. So it was a definite plus.

This sharpener is priced at $13.99, which was a little higher than some other knife sharpeners on Amazon, but only by a dollar or two. And it does come with Amazon Prime. Free shipping to those of us with that. Some of the other knife sharpeners did not have a rubber handle, which was something that I really liked about this product.

I do recommend this product to individuals who enjoy cooking. Frequent use of your knives dulls them. And this is an easy way to get them sharpened. Is it professional grade? I don't know. But it certainly met my needs, and I'm glad that I have it.

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