Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Sweet Water Warblers

If you are a folk musician you have to be versatile. And the ladies from The Sweet Water Warblers are very versatile. The band is composed of Rachael Davis, May Erlewine, and Lindsay Lou. And these ladies play folk music.

I was really lucky this last week because I had the chance to go see them play live. And it was a nice evening full of some good folk music. I have to admit the decision to see them play was kind of a whim. I was looking for something a little different to do on my day off. I looked through what is going on for the week, and I noticed that a local venue called C2G was having a show. I looked up the band on youtube and I liked what I heard.

This is the song that caught my attention. She's playing a ukulele which made me think of my friend Sarah. And who doesn't like the song The Glory of Love. I bought the tickets to see them play.

It was easy to find their music, but I had trouble finding out much else about them. You really have to do some searching. But I did find that they actually are members of different bands, and that The Sweet Water Warblers is a side project for the three. The band originally came together at the request of a promoter. And well they kind of decided to continue working together. The ladies will have an ep released in January.

Their music hit my exact mood recently. I wanted something relaxing, and a little different than the norm. It's folk music so it wasn't too rowdy. But there were songs you could sing a long with. And there were songs that were a little reflective.

I realized as I listened to the music that I don't like country music. At least I don't like the country music we hear on the radio. But folk music has the ability to draw all kinds of music together. They played a Hank Williams Sr. song that I normally would have turned my nose up to. And I enjoyed it. They sang a couple of spirituals. And I enjoyed them. And they sang that song That's A Lie. It just was fun to sing along with.

So if you have the chance to see these ladies play live. You really should give them a try.

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