Friday, October 21, 2016

This Week's Special Moments

Seeing the neighbor kid on the front porch with a trombone. He had it pointed straight up in the air. And all of the sudden you hear that blah that comes from new horn players. Yes, there is a budding musician living next to me.

Going to the Zombie Walk during the local Fright Night events. A family had a baby zombie there. He was done up very tastefully. Just smudges of blood on his round face. There was a zombie walking behind him with dreadlocks. That baby had huge eyes and those eyes just kept following that dreadlock zombie wherever he went. I wondered if that baby would need therapy when he was older due to the Zombie Walk.

A really solid night of sleep. The other night I slept so solid, I woke up feeling so refreshed. A good night of sleep is so important.

Trying to figure out when I can squeeze in another week of vacation. I requested one week, but it will be denied because one of my co-workers already asked for it off. It is first come first serve. He informed me has three weeks of vacation coming. I asked him which ones, and he replied I can't remember which weeks. They just told me I put in the request for three weeks. Who doesn't know which weeks they are going to be on vacation?

I absolutely love my new eyeglasses. I can see again. The world was starting to get a little blurry.

So what special moments have there been in your week?

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