Sunday, December 18, 2016

Are Things The Way They Are Reported?

We've all heard the reports from the past couple of weeks. The ones about the man who went to the pizza joint with a gun because social media reported that there was a nest of child slaves. It's scary isn't it? But is it anything new? Well, yes, in a way, social media didn't exist 25 years ago. But something big did.

There were newspapers. And of course there were television news broadcasts. But did they always report things the way they happened?

In March 1964, there was a murder. A young woman named Kitty Genovese was murdered. The story was reported by all of the major media outlets. The reports were that 38 individuals had witnessed the crime, but none had called the police to help the young woman.

The story has been studied in colleges. It was the reason for the 911 system being activated. But was what was reported what really happened?

Kitty's brother decided to find out more about what happened. And he found that the story made everyone believe that his sister died all alone. But he met one of Kitty's friends, who as soon as she found out that Kitty was injured ran from her apartment. She raced to Kitty's side. She was with Kitty when she died.

And when he read through the trial manuscripts, he found that one of the neighbors had yelled out the window telling Kitty's attacker to leave her alone. The attacker did leave for a period of time. The man thought the situation was resolved. So he didn't need to go check.

There were things that were left out of the news report. The story wasn't totally accurate. And I wonder how many other stories that we read and hear about have left out some details that make us look at a situation differently.

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