Thursday, December 29, 2016

Boho Fabric Bracelet Do It Yourself

I've always been attracted to the Boho Style. It's colorful and fairly carefree. In other words it kind of fits my personality.

I've seen pictures of fabric Boho bracelets all over the internet. I decided to try making one for myself. If you remember my thrifty finds post from earlier this week. You will remember the blue silk scarf.
I promised that you would see that scarf again. And today you are.
The scarf was only fifty cents, so how could I go wrong with that purchase. And I had some aluminum beads around the house. I decided to get to work.
 I took the scarf and cut off three strips. I thought that I wouldn't need a needle to thread the fabric through the bead since it had a large hole, but I had to get out that needle to make it work.
I tied knots to keep the beads in place. It is just that simple. And I have a Boho bracelet that cost me less than a $1.

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