Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Captain Tries Soul Food

While I was sitting on the front porch the other day, I saw another cat outside. He and I chatted for a moment or two, and he asked if I enjoyed soul food. I had to admit that I have never tried soul food. And I wondered what kind of foodie am I? If I have not tried all of the different food types in the world.
He informed me that gravy is one of the great parts of soul food. He explained that homemade gravy is just worth the trouble of getting your pet human to make it for you. But how do I get my human do this I thought?

It was time to draw out the look. I began looking toward the kitchen so my pet knows that I want some food. And then I began crying. I know that my human knows exactly what I am saying. But sometimes she asks that foolish question, what do you want? I just look at her when she does this. Then I started sending her mind messages. I thought gravy over and over. And what do you know soon there was some gravy being made. It smelled delicious. I informed her that I wanted some of that gravy. And yes, she did as instructed. She poured it over my kibble.

I dug in. It was heavenly. I ate, and I ate. I normally try to pace myself, but this was so good. I had to eat every last big of it. I didn't try to be neat either. Gravy flew through the air onto to top of my head. I didn't care. I just needed more of the delightful gravy.

So now, I can officially say that I am a soul food lover. Call me a soul food cat if you like. But it is my current favorite. If you have not tried homemade gravy you must get your pet human to prepare some for you. It will be worth the trouble and work it requires.

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